Saturday, September 15, 2012

Requiem in C minor

Classes are going well. This semester I'm taking a fiction workshop and an eighteenth century lit course. I'm also teaching two sections of English 1510: Writing and Rhetoric I. Sometimes the students are receptive, and sometimes they are not. Ha.

So, because I'm getting paid again, I ordered a few books:

Junot Diaz - This Is How You Lose Her

Scott McClanahan - Crapalachia: A Biography of a Place

Dinty W. Moore - The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction: Advice and Essential Exercises from Respected Writers, Editors, and Teachers

The Oatmeal - How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

George Saunders - Tenth of December

Chad Simpson - Tell Everyone I Said Hi

Additionally, I Kickstarted this:

Nick Ostdick - Hair Lit, Vol. 1

While browsing Facebook tonight I stumbled on a link to Frequencies, a new biannual nonfiction journal from Two Dollar Radio:

Volume 1, September 2012, features essays from Blake Butler, Joshua Cohen, Tracy Rose Keaton, and Scott McClanahan, and an interview with Anne Carson. 

Volume 2, April 2013, features essays from Roxane Gay, Alex Jung, Kate Zambreno, and TBA. 

What's cool is that they're offering subscriptions for only $13. And yes, I picked one up for myself.

Something I ran across on the TDR site: "If you care at all about supporting literary culture then you won't order Frequencies, or any other books for that matter, through amazon." They elaborate on that here. But man, I like Amazon. As one who buys a lot of books, I get some from Amazon, some from small presses, and some from literary magazines. Any number of small presses and literary magazines could attest to this. 

Over the summer, Amazon held a job fair in my hometown because they're building a fulfillment center in a neighboring town, and the center will reportedly create "1,000 new jobs by 2015." And yeah, they could afford to pay better wages, among other complaints, but a boost to the local economy is good. So I guess I don't have as many qualms with Amazon as many others do, but then again, I'm not a bookseller either.   

I'm now a Keyhole author, which is kool.


pb said...

I love the convenience of Amazon and do use it. But as a publisher, I don't even break even selling books on Amazon. I LOSE money. They need to change the terms for small presses- we are not Random House. Regardless, it's important to make my titles available there, so I do, for the sake of my authors.

Jason Jordan said...

Yeah, I'm sure small presses do lose money. I do think, however, that if someone has such an issue with Amazon they shouldn't sell their books on it and continue to complain. I know what you mean by "sake of my authors," however.

adam moorad said...

just finished the Junot Diaz - good stuff. crapalachia is a good title. indyucky would be a good title too.